The mystery of spiritual blindness

Let their eyes be darkened, that they may not see, and bow down their back alway (Romans 11:10 KJV)

The term “eye” is an extremely important natural and spiritual word in the scriptures as it denotes a critically important spiritual capacity. The physical eye is the organ of physical sight. That is easy to understand. Figuratively, the eye is used for the capacity for spiritual sight, that is, the ability to know or have insight into spiritual things, specially the things of God.

Spiritual blindness refers to the inability of see or know the things of God. It is a perplexing  consequence of the fall. Sin brought spiritual blindness upon us. That means the natural human being is unable to know or accept the things about God. Even when we become saved, we still need to have our eyes flooded with the light of the Word to see spiritual things. Spiritual blindness is a catastrophe as indicated in Rom 11:1o above.

Paul quoted the Psalmist saying the eyes of his enemies should be darkened. He goes on to list what happens when the eyes are darkened “bow down their back always”, that is, let them forever be in bondage to something with its suffering that goes with it. Note the connection: they will be in bondage trough the darkening of their eyes. 

There are things you are probably suffering from right now just merely because your spiritual eyes are closed in that area. That means, you simply do not see, or have revelation of that aspect of life. Vision is important physically and critical spiritually. The eyes of your understanding be enlightened that you may see indeed!


What is the meaning of spiritual eyes and spiritual understanding as discussed above?


As Paul prayed in Ephesians 1:15-18, desire that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened. Your understanding of spiritual things is an eye, and the entrance of the Word brings that understanding! There are breakthroughs you will not get until your eyes open in that area of life, that is, you know the Word in that area.


Please join Paul and pray that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened ….

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