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And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding (Jer. 3:15 ESV)

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What a remarkable prophetic utterance for our days! Please re-read that verse above again and ensure you get the full weight of it. The LORD speaking through the Prophet says He will give His people shepherds after His own heart, who will feed them with knowledge and understanding. 

Does the verse above remind you of what Jesus told Peter to do after asking him three times if he Peter really loved  Him? The scripture says three times Jesus told him “feed my sheep” (Jn. 21:17 ESV). Jesus wanted just one thing from Peter—feed my sheep. Interestingly, He did not insist on praying for them here, though Peter certainly will still do that. He laid the emphasis on feeding His sheep by repeating the instruction three times. But why would He do this?

What does it mean to feed His sheep? In our scripture above, He says these shepherds will “feed you with knowledge and understanding.” In other words, they will give you my Word. Period! That is what the believer needs to overcome every challenge and thrive in life. The current mindset of the majority of the believers today is completely bent towards the wrong direction. The overwhelming theme of most sermons, conferences, retreats etc is about healings, deliverances, breakthroughs, etc. We need these things, no doubt about that to solve our temporary problems,  but THEY WILL NEVER MATURE THE CHURCH. The Church grows to maturity not by giving her the food of the Word.

The next phase of the Church requires shepherds, that is Apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, and teachers that will bring the pure, unadulterated  Word of God to feed the believers. Many Christians are already dying of spiritual hunger and malnutrition. Their spiritual lives are famishing because the Word that feeds the human spirit is missing on many platforms and  Churches.

Please pray that God will fulfill the prophetic Word above. The time is now. The Church needs to be feed with real spiritual food, not crumbs that fall off the table.  If a believer is fed and grows to maturity, he or she will put Satan to flight, demonstrate  the character of the Spirit, become a living miracle and not looking for miracles and ultimately reveal the glory of God! Lord, send teachers indeed  into your  House!


What is spiritual food from the scripture above?


Please make the devotional above your prayer. A vast majority of the Church is not focused on God’s purpose and plan, but He is bringing in a profound hunger for His Word in the hearts of His people that will make them restless until they are feed—with real spiritual food. Yearn and hunger for the Word and make it a prayer for yourself and the Church in general.


Ask the Lord to send Shepherds, after His heart, into the Church to feed His people with the Word. Also pray that He will increase those Shepherds who are already feeding the Church to cause them to increase in wisdom and understanding. 

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  1. Your sermons does not only enlightens me but also doubles as real truth to wiping out the blurred visions(perceptions) of many of the state of the church.

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