The foundation of your life

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11 KJV)

Foundation of God image showing a building with an uncompleted foundation

The Lord often uses the metaphor of a house or a tree to describe our lives, and these figures are associated with the words “foundation” and “root,” respectively. The common idea underlying the foundation of a house or the root of a tree is that of being firmly established in a place. Every human being has a foundation or root. The difference lies in the nature of that foundation or root.

We learned from Matthew 7 that if we build our lives upon a faulty foundation, disaster will be our sure end. In 1 Corinthians 3:11, Paul clearly says the foundation for every Christian is  Christ  Himself. Let us get more practical to make this more real. How can Jesus be the foundation of a Christian’s life? What does that mean on a practical basis?

Every human being has information that they know, believe and  use to guide their lives. That information is what that person considers to be the truth, whether in natural or spiritual things. A believer has received the truth about Jesus, believed it and allowed that information to guide their lives, that is, they live by it. An atheist, for example, is convinced that there is no God and everything about their lives follows this information they know, believe and live by. That is what scripture calls a faulty foundation. It is basing your life on the wrong information, whether we know it or not.

Truth is powerful. If the “truth” that guides your life is the Truth( Christ Himself), you are safe. If the “truth” that guides a person is something false, whether wrong doctrine, human tradition, philosophy, etc, then that person is in real trouble. If the foundation is wrong, there is but one way forward, and that is disaster. God’s Word is the only source of Truth. Be grounded and established in the Truth.


A believer can be truly saved yet build their lives on a faulty foundation. If a believer is deceived and believes something false about money or the Holy Spirit, will that “faith” produce any divine results?


Truth is critical. Satan will fight the Truth with all his resources to the end because the Truth is his nightmare and ruin.  Know the Truth. Believe the Truth. Walk in the Truth. His Word is the Truth.


Ask the Father to help you establish your life upon the solid foundation of the Truth, which is Jesus Himself. 

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