Pilate said unto “What is truth?” 

Pilate said to him, “What is truth?” After he had said this, he went back outside to the Jews and told them, “I find no guilt in him” (John 18:38 ESV)

As Pilate questioned Jesus during the trial, Jesus told him He came to bear witness to the Truth, and that everyone who is of the truth listens to His voice( John 18:37). It became obvious to Pilate Jesus was not referring to truth following the common understanding. His thoughts bothered him, and he asked the question, “what is truth?”.

You will find this keyword “truth” repeatedly occurring in the Gospel of John and it is used in a very specific way. Truth here does not merely refer to a fact or information that is true. There are three key facts that I will use to help you understand this interesting word “truth”.

The first is truth has to with realities, that is, what is really there or existing. This is the foundational meaning and can apply to physical or spiritual things. The second fact is that the word “truth” in the scriptures has to do with the realities of God, not just general realities. In other words, truth equals divine realities, things about God. The third aspect is that divine realities are hidden from natural men and women and needs to be revealed.

Truth is divine realities. It is God Himself as revealed to us. It is realities about God that your natural senses cannot perceive but which are there!


What does Jesus mean when He says “I am the Truth?” ( John 14:6). Please read John 1:18 first before answering this question.


There is a realm of realities that is beyond the grasp of the natural mind. Christ has granted you an understanding to know the Truth and access mysteries about God and your life. Eg, do you know that you are blessed with every blessing in the heavenlies? That is truth, a reality from God about you that you need to take hold of and enjoy your inheritance!


Ask the Spirit of Truth to establish you in divine realities. 

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