It takes God’s power to live and to serve Him

That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man; (Eph. 3:16 NAS)

It takes God’s power to serve and live for Him. God’s power at work is the distinguishing characteristic of our Christian walk. It distinguishes empty religious practices from authentic Christian living and service.

Power can be defined as the ability to make things happen! It takes power to live a righteous life above sin. It takes power to be joyful in the midst of adverse circumstances. It takes power to work miracles. It takes power to serve God. Power is that invisible ability that makes all these things happen. It is indispensable in our Christian walk. Did you ever know what to do and just not find the strength to do it? For example, you knew you should be joyful rather than bitter, but you just could not find the power to do it. This is called “weakness”, the absence of power or strength to get things done. God wants to strengthen you with power, by His Spirit, in your spirit man. Desire His power. It is your lifeline for a successful Christian life.


Feed on the scripture above, and take it into your spirit. Think about it. See yourself in it. Mutter and declare the reality of that verse in your life.


Thank the Lord for making His strength available to you. Take a moment and pray in tongues, as you strengthen your spirit man.


God wants you to engage in spiritual strengthening. He is the One who strengthens you by His Spirit. He wants you to make yourself available for His strengthening. The Spirit strengthens you primarily by the Word. Have you ever been hungry and weak, and then suddenly became strong and full of life after eating food? This is what happens to your spirit man when you eat spiritual food. He becomes strong and full of life. There are two principal agencies by which we open ourselves up for personal empowerment through the Word: meditation, which gets the Word in, and prayer. This is what the Word commands for empowerment. Engage the process of continual empowerment until you become a spiritual giant!

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