Spiritual discernment is critical in these days

And He will delight in the fear of the LORD, And He will not judge by what His eyes see, Nor make a decision by what His ears hear; (Isa. 11:3 NAS)

Spiritual discernment is the ability to see beyond the physical presentation of people and things around us. It makes you able to discern when God is at work, when the devil is at work or when it is just human activity going on. It causes us to know right from wrong and separate the truth from lies. This grace is critical in these days in which we live.

The scripture above speaks of Jesus. He will not “judge by what His eyes see”. Deception is covering the truth and making someone believing a lie by presenting what appears to be real which is not. It will be increased tremendously in these last days. There will be false brethren in Christian circles, false doctrines, and even fake miracles. They may appear godly from outside, but discernment will tell you the truth about what is going on. Deception is causing some people to live and do things which God does not approve but which they have or are trying to convince themselves in some way that He does. Every believer should have a discerning spirit. The foundation for building discernment is filling your heart with God’s Word and cultivating a prayerful spirit. There is also a  spiritual gift of discernment as recorded in 1 Corinthians 12.

Be sensitive every day. Listen to the Spirit. Walk by the Word.

MEDITATE-spiritual discernment

Meditate on the scripture above. Are you able to discern right from wrong? Truth from a lie? The real from the fake? Is it easy for someone to deceive you and lead you astray?  We need spiritual discernment every day.


Ask the Spirit to open your eyes to spiritual discernment.


The best place to be is being “close to God”. Cultivate a prayerful spirit. Spend time filling your heart with God’s Word. Ask God for the gift of discernment.  Spiritual discernment helps you know what business venture will work and what will fail. It will keep you from blindly following “friends or coworkers” who are smiling at you but ruining your life behind your back. It will make you apt in spotting false doctrine, false brethren and false miracles which will be Satan’s master end-time deceptive strategy. You cannot become discerning but be more thoughtful. It is spiritual.

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