There is a spirit in man which governs his life

But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. (Job 32:8 KJV)

The Bible teaches us that man is a spirit being living in a body. It is intriguing that, despite the exponential growth in human knowledge, and major advances in all fields of study, the basic problems of humanity  seem to be getting worse. For example, relationships today are no better off than they were one thousand years ago.

It is paramount for us to understand that man is essentially a spirit being, and the genesis of the plight of humanity emanated from an abnormality with his spirit. As a believer, it is critical to understand this truth, because it determines our victory, or our defeat, in life. There is a spirit in man. And whoever is in Christ is a new creation, and has a new spirit recreated in the very image and likeness of God. Learn to develop that new spirit inside of you, called the “new man” and let it start living. The new man has become one with the Spirit of God. Understand who this new man is, and what principles he lives by. You will see results if you begin to align yourself with the  ways of this new man.


The reason the Word encourages us to meditate is because of that spirit man inside. When he is fed and strong, it shows up in your mind and body. Take a moment and let your mind and mouth mutter the scripture above.


Sincerely ask the Lord to open your eyes to the realities of the spirit realm, and that you are truly a spirit being.


You will not be bitter if you understand that the spirit in you is crushed by bitterness. You will not be anxious, worried, fearful, or negative when you understand that your spirit man is negatively affected by these attitudes.  We are wasting our time praying with a heavy, unforgiving, bitter spirit. Satan will mock and oppress us, unless we mature and understand these spiritual realities. God’s Word shows you the spirit man and how to care for him. Watch your attitude, because it has a tremendous impact on your spirit, and will determine what will become of your life.

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