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How to apply the blood of Jesus

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death (Revelation 12:11, KJV)

Glory & Grace Daily devotional Yesterday titled “understanding the blood of Jesus” laid a critical foundation for understanding what the blood of Jesus means to us  as Christians today. I will encourage you to read it now before you read this devotional if you haven’t yet done so. Let me briefly show you how we apply the blood of Jesus, explaining what it means and how it is done.

First, there are two obstacles that we must take out of the way of our understanding as discussed Yesterday. The first is that the blood of Jesus we apply today  is not His physical blood. This seems obvious but is important. So we must remove every thought or imagination that relates using Jesus’ blood to anything physical. The second obstacle is more subtle. It is that of the ceremonial deeds of the Jews in the Old Testament.

God instituted several ceremonial activities involving the sacrifice of animals and USING their blood in worship activities. After shedding the blood of the animal, the Old Testament priests sometimes sprinkled its blood and poured it out at other times. The height of such sacrifices is the Passover, which was a type of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, who will be killed for us to be saved. The activities of the Old Testament priests clearly were a divine revelation of the real Lamb of God who was coming. The Israelites used physical animal blood with physical rituals commanded to them by God to APPLY the blood. For example, they sprinkled the blood of animals to clean people and even the Temple. Everything they did, including the Passover feast, was ONLY A SHADOW of the real, , that is, Jesus. When Jesus showed up, He fulfilled the Passover for us. That is why as a believer in Christ, you DO NOT APPLY THE BLOOD through any old testament ceremonies, feasts or rituals which were a shadow of the real thing! If you understood these two prerequisites, then your mind will be free to understand the mysteries of the application of the blood.

So what does it mean to apply the blood? In simple terms, it means a human being brought under the influence of the life of Christ laid down as a sacrifice through suffering and death. It is enjoying the benefits of the sacrificial death of Christ, and enforcing it in your life. Why was Jesus’ blood shed? So that human beings can be washed from their sins and forgiven. His blood was shed so that human beings that were lost in sin could receive eternal life. His blood was shed so that we can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and become children of God. His blood was shed so that we can receive authority over all the power of the enemy. His blood was shed so that we, who were lost in sin, can now come and hide under the shadow of the Father and be safe. When a human being comes under the influence of the blood,  they experience and enjoy the benefits of Jesus’ death. For example in Rev. 12:11 above, the saints overcame Satan by the blood. What does that mean? They were not sprinkling blood on Satan  or even saying, “I plead the blood of Jesus”! They had believed the Word of the Gospel, and were cleansed from the sins and able to resist the accuser.

So how do I apply the blood? When you received Christ and became saved, your sins were washed away, you became a new creation, etc. In other words you applied the blood already! When you sin today and are full of guilt and condemnation, and you ask for forgiveness from the Lord and turn away from that sin, the guilt suddenly goes away. The blood cleansed it. You applied the blood! In this season of the coronavirus, many of you have believed that you are protected and covered by the blood. That means what Jesus did on the cross, His life that was laid down and eternal life that is now in you is a protection against natural disasters and demonic attacks. How did you apply the blood in these circumstances? You do not have to use some physical blood to do so. You do not have to keep the ceremonial rituals of the Passover, like the Passover meal or killing an animal as the Jews did. You believed what the Word said about His death and stood on it!

Jesus said in John 6:53 ,the scripture for  Yesterday’s devotional, that until you drink His blood, you have no life in you. He explained in John 6:63 that His blood and His flesh that are  to be eaten are not His physical flesh and blood. They are His words that they  had to understand and believe! 

It is your turn to apply the blood! He died so that you can be hidden in the secret place of the Father from any plague. Apply that blood! 


How do you apply the blood of Jesus?


Are you feeling condemned and guilty for past sins? Apply the blood! Is there a plague around you? Apply the blood!


Bless the Lord for His blood that was shed for us to enjoy life to the full until it overflows!

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1 year ago

yes i read your devotional very very often thnxs ,blessings from Romania

1 year ago

thxs for this devotional ,i ve alwaysed prayed like this “Father , sory for that … sin i aply the bloood of jesus to clean my sin ….or i put the blood of jesus over my son family etc ……”nos i ve understood that i dont have to do this anymore !just belive that Word that already i m cleand

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