How to Apply the Blood of Jesus

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death (Revelation 12:11, KJV)

The blood of Jesus satisfies God’s judgment against sin, frees us from its effects, and overcomes the devil. But how do I apply the blood of Jesus Christ in my life? Before proceeding, please ensure you read Deshen Daily titled “Understanding the  Blood of Christ.”

As we have discussed already, the blood of Christ that works for us is not His physical blood. Although this appears obvious and simplistic, it is paramount to keep this at the fore of our minds. Furthermore, applying the blood of Jesus today is different from how the priests used the blood of the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament.

There are two obstacles that we must take out of the way of our understanding, as discussed Yesterday. Firstly,  the blood of Jesus we apply today is not His physical blood. This seems obvious but is essential. So we must remove every thought or imagination that relates using Jesus’ blood to anything physical. The second obstacle is more subtle. It is that of the ceremonial deeds of the Jews in the Old Testament. So you do not have to sprinkle any blood or representation of it on your doorposts or on yourself to apply the blood of Jesus.

Furthermore, we do not apply the blood of Jesus by saying, “I plead the blood of Jesus.” I never knew how deeply this tradition had taken roots in my own heart and others until a beloved daughter in the faith wrote to me and said she always knew she had to say “I plead the blood” to apply the blood of Jesus. Can you see how Church tradition can blur and even erode the truth of God’s Word in our hearts? I cannot fully explain the problems with this practice in this brief devotional. Please watch the Live Bible Study on this subject. Suffice it to say here that you DO NOT APPLY  the blood of Jesus by saying, “I plead the blood of Jesus.”

So how then do I apply the blood of Jesus in my life, family, and circumstances? Let’s begin from the beginning. What does it mean to apply the blood of Jesus? Simply stated, it means to come under the powerful influence of the blood of Jesus. From the prior devotional “Understanding the Blood of Christ,” you should know that His blood satisfies God’s wrath against sin, frees us from sin, and is a weapon to defeat the devil. You apply the blood of Jesus in your life or circumstances when you trigger its powerful influence in your life and affairs.

What does the Bible say about applying the blood of Jesus? It is straightforward. When was the first time the blood of Jesus was applied in your life? It was at that moment you were born again. That moment you believed that Jesus is the Savior, His blood untangled every strand of sin in your life, washing you to be as white as snow. What did you do to apply the blood of Jesus? You sure did not say I plead the blood of Jesus, did you? Or did you sprinkle some holy water or another element over your heart to indicate that Jesus’s blood was working on you? Certainly not! You believed in Christ, and His blood flowed over your life!

After salvation, His blood is applied in the same way when we sin it was used the first time when we believed. When you come to the Father and ask for forgiveness and cleansing, you are instantly forgiven and cleansed. God wants you to believe that Jesus’s blood is working and that He has forgiven you as He says He would. He does not expect you to sprinkle some liquid or say, “I plead the blood of Jesus.”

Furthermore, when Satan attacks you with the guilt or shame of your sin or even makes you believe that God has not forgiven you. What should you do? You will overcome Him by believing what the Word says about Jesus’s blood. This is how you overcome him by the blood, not by saying I plead the blood, but by anchoring or holding on to what Jesus’ blood has done! 

Brethren, there is nothing else you need to do to apply His blood to overcome Satan in any area of your life, receive forgiveness or cleansing or satisfy God’s judgment against sin. Christianity is simple—Your Savior is enough. Believe and rest in Him.

Deshen Live Bible Study: Why I Stopped Saying “I Plead the Blood of Jesus”


How do you apply the blood of Jesus?

Apply the Word

Are you feeling condemned and guilty for past sins? Apply the blood! Is there a plague around you? Apply the blood!


Bless the Lord for His blood shed for us to enjoy life to the full until it overflows!

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9 months ago

what an enlightenment!. I am in awe of the revelation I have received through this devotional. We apply the blood of Jesus by taking hold of everything that Jesus died for. And how do we take hold, by accepting the word as true and walking in it.

Thank you so much Dr Patrick for availing yourself. You don’t know the effects of these teachings on us. we are being delivered from benign rituals that has been passed on to us. Now, I don’t even understand the essence of the anointing oil we pour on ourselves. Can you please teach us on that as well?. Thank you and God bless you!

2 years ago

yes i read your devotional very very often thnxs ,blessings from Romania

2 years ago

thxs for this devotional ,i ve alwaysed prayed like this “Father , sory for that … sin i aply the bloood of jesus to clean my sin ….or i put the blood of jesus over my son family etc ……”nos i ve understood that i dont have to do this anymore !just belive that Word that already i m cleand