Preparing your heart for a move of the Holy Spirit

For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments (Ezra 7:10 KJV)

Glory & Grace Daily devotional new year series this year is focused on what the Lord is laying in my heart for the coming months. 

It is a year to prepare our hearts for the moving of the Spirit individually and as a family of God. This was introduced last week with the words of John the Baptist “prepare ye the way of the Lord.” In Ezra 7:10 above, we are told Ezra prepared his heart to engage in the things of the Lord.

The Spirit of the Lord is brooding in His people for a work to be done on earth. Just as John the Baptist told the people to prepare, we are to prepare for the Lord’s glory invading the world. Yes, we can prepare ourselves for spiritual things, just as athletes prepare their bodies for competition. 

The state of our hearts determines our spiritual positioning and our responsiveness to the Spirit. Your heart right now is in a particular state before God. Your heart is the emotions you keep, what you believe, how willing you are to obey God, the thoughts that occupy your mind, etc. These are the things that will either facilitate or hinder the Holy  Spirit. Prepare ye the way of the Lord in your life as we begin this year.


Please reread Ezra 7:10 above. What is the sense of Ezra preparing his heart here?


Your heart determines what the Spirit can and cannot do in and through you. It matters whether you are accepting God’s Word, that is, believing or not. It matters if you are continually bitter and depressed. Yes, it matters if you are bold and courageous or fearful and cowardly. What manner of walk with the Spirit are you looking for? Prepare your heart for what you want.


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you engage in the Word and fellowship of prayer for the molding of your heart. 

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