Our Sin Bearer 

“He shall see the labor of His soul, and be satisfied. By His knowledge My righteous Servant shall justify many, For He shall bear their iniquities.” (Isa. 53:11 NKJ.)

Sin Bearer-Jesus on the cross- daily devotional
Jesus is God’s Sin Bearer for the sins of the whole world.

Isaiah 53 is such a dear chapter to my heart. It reminds me of the price Jesus had to pay so I could be free to enjoy life. The scripture above says, “He shall bear their iniquities.” A good picture to describe the meaning of “to bear” is that of a man carrying (or bearing) a heavy load on his head.

Jesus bore our sins. He carried our sins like a man carries a load. Spiritually, that means He had to bear all the full weight of the sins of the world, bearing all the consequences and fierce divine judgments. He bore our sins so that we should not bear them in Him. It takes a living creature with blood to be able to bear sins. He is called the Lamb of God who carries and takes away the sins of the world! What love He bestowed upon us, to bear our sins upon His body! The full weight of the fierce wrath of God was laid upon the body of Jesus.

There is a reason why God does not judge you now for your sins as He did in the Old Testament: Jesus is your sin Bearer. It is not because sin is no longer sinful. It is because Someone already bore the weight of your sins. Whoever does not believe in Jesus will bear their own sins when Jesus returns. That is why we must preach the Gospel: so that the world will come to enjoy this life. Sin is paid. The Lamb of God is here.


How did He bear our sins? See Isa 53:4-5, 1 Pet 2:23-24.


He bore your sins so that you could be free of sin and live for Him. Go ahead in freedom and live for Him today!


Tell Jesus, “Thank You for bearing my sins and setting me free.”

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