Move from obedience to doing the Word

“And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the LORD your God” (Deut. 28:2 NKJ).

The Jews were commanded under the Old Covenant to obey the commandments that were given to them. In obedience, the key is to do whatever the commandment says, irrespective of how you feel or think. There were a few commandments in the law that addressed the issues of the heart, but not as many as those that addressed what the Jews should and should not do. Interestingly, God has not called the believer in Christ to mere obedience as the Jews were called.

The new creature in Christ does not just obey the Word, but is a doer of it. There is a difference between obeying the Word and doing the Word. The key is the state of the heart. You can obey God without agreeing with what you are doing. You can obey a commandment even if you do not understand what is really says. This is not the case with doing the Word. Doing the Word is a higher calling than obedience. Doing the Word is acting out the Word. The Word first becomes one with you, and then lives as you. You understand it, believe it, agree with it, act upon it, and see results. This is what is called faith. Faith is not mechanical obedience of God’s Word. It is taking God’s Word in, believing it, and then doing what it says to get results. Do not just obey the Word, but DO it (James 1:22).


Why couldn’t the Old Testament saints be doers? What has changed? See Ps. 51:10, Eze. 36:26.


Doing the Word is the one most important things that determine whether you will smile as a Christian here and now or suffer on this earth. Start acting today on God’s Word!


Thank the Lord for the blessing of the new heart (spirit) that you have in Christ.

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