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And do not get drunk with wine, which is debauchery, but be filled by the Spirit, (Eph. 5:18 NET)

Ministers have learned that yielding to the Holy Spirit during ministration is the key to a successful ministry. This is true   irrespective of the type of ministration- by song, word, or prayer. When God does the work through us, it is very obvious, and so different from when we try to make it happen ourselves. When the Spirit is at work, it is so smooth, struggle-free and yet extremely impactful.

Ministers have learned that spending time with God before ministration is key. Why? It is a sure way of being filled by the Spirit of God, as noted in the verse above. As we yield our vessels by spending time with Him in prayer, the Word and meditation, our cup is full to overflow, and when we step out to minister, God shows up in our words and actions. The truth is, we need to be filled not only for ministry, but we need Him for everyday Christian living. God does not want to fill you only when you have to minister to others. He wants you to always be filled by the Spirit of God, with the fullness of God. What if you start every day full of the Spirit? What if you go to work full of the Spirit? What if you start the day in your business full of the Spirit? Do not carry an empty vessel around in your life. The goal is to be filled constantly, whether for a time of ministry or for our daily routine duties.


Think on the verse above.  How does it apply to your life? Are you filled? Are you feeling empty?


Thank the Lord for the blessing of His Spirit. Ask Him to fill you right now with the fullness afresh.


The reason for the devotional habit is to give God an opportunity to fill you, before engaging in the events of life. It is not a religious activity. Make a decision to never carry an empty vessel around. Be full of God. It is a choice you can make that will determine what you will do. When you have tasted and known what the fullness of the Spirit is, you will never want to be empty again in your life-never. Be thirsty for more, learn to sit at His feet to fill you.

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