Mount your guard around your heart

Guard your heart with all vigilance, for from it are the sources of life. (Prov. 4:23 NET)

The instruction above is quite direct, explicit and very easy to understand- “guard your heart with all vigilance”. The second part of the verse gives us the reason for the instruction- ” for from it are the sources of life”. In other words, what shows up in your life outside depends on what is in your heart.  This is extremely powerful. It implies your life is controlled from within you.

There is a spirit in man, and there is power from within that spirit man. The term “heart” above relates to all that is within man, which controls what happens outside of him. This will include both the spirit and the mind. The heart like a piece of farmland and the major seeds of that farmland is from “sights” and “sounds”, what you hear and see. The most important of all the seeds on the ground of our hearts are words. You are the product of the words you have received and believed. Who and what is speaking to you? Words are extremely powerful seeds. Many of us are not conscious of how our lives are controlled by seeds that might have been sown many years ago. Watch who and what you listen to. Media is extremely powerful for this same reason. Allow kids to watch and listen to violent videos, and watch them become violent as they grow up. Words are seeds of the human heart.  If you listen to God and take the seed of His Word constantly inside, you will become like God. If we listen rather to the world, we will certainly become like the world. Listen to tragedies always, and you will be surprised it starts coming your way. The seed will be sown, you will think upon it and cause it to grow and then produce fruit.

Guard your heart diligently.


One of the reasons why meditation is important is because of this same reason-it sows the seed of God’s Word into your heart.


Ask the Spirit today to help you uproot and remove every seed in your heart that is producing fruit you do not want. It might have been planted years ago.


You guard your heart by refusing entry to what is not accepted while actively bringing in what is needed. Entertain thoughts of immorality, for example,  and it will show up someday, even after 25 years by an immoral act. Thoughts are seeds inside of the heart. Entertain fear inside, it will only be a matter of time. Entertain thoughts of prosperity and peace, and watch your life prosper. Guard your heart. The fact that the heart is not seen by others does not make it less important. In fact, it is more important than what others see. Take a step today. Watch what enters your heart through your eyes and ears. Watch what goes on in your thoughts. Keep the evil out and bring the good in.

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