Eternal Destinies: Exploring the Resurrections of Life and Damnation

And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation. (John 5:29, KJV)

Jesus distinguishes two resurrections in John 5:29: the resurrection of life and the resurrection of damnation. People will not remain as spirits without bodies; instead, they will rise from the dead, experiencing one of these resurrections depending on their spiritual condition before death.

Upon Jesus’ return, everyone will have a body again, as God created humans to exist eternally with a body in heaven or hell. Currently, when people die, their spirits exist without a body, but this phase is only intermediate and transitory. Eventually, all the dead will rise from their graves.

Those who “have done good,” meaning they believed in Christ and walked with Him before death, will experience the resurrection of life. When Jesus returns, graves will open, and the saints will rise with new bodies designed to express the fullness of God’s nature and glory.

In contrast, the resurrection of damnation awaits those who rejected Christ. They will also rise from the grave, receiving new bodies fitted for eternal destruction in the lake of fire. These bodies, unable to die or be destroyed, will endure eternal suffering without the relief of death.

The horrors of damnation should motivate us to walk closely with Christ, pray for the lost, and share the gospel to win souls since the lost are unaware of what awaits them.

In conclusion, everyone will rise from the grave: believers to the resurrection of life and sinners to the resurrection of damnation.


When Christ judges the whole world, will He judge people as spirits or people in their bodies?

Apply the Word

Which kind of resurrection will you partake in? Choose life. Help others escape the resurrection of damnation and live daily with the consciousness of Christ’s return.


Ask the Father to have mercy on the lost and open their eyes to see the truth about Jesus.

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