I Will Pour Water Upon Him That is Thirsty

For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my Spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring: (Isaiah 44:3 KJV)

What a promise! There are four clauses in Isaiah 44:3 above, and each of them conveys the same message—God giving His Spirit to people. He uses different words to describe the givingthe Spirit, and the people! This devotional will briefly examine these verses in light of these different facets of the revelation of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit to us.

First, the Lord uses the verb “pour” to indicate the giving of His Spirit. To pour is to move fluid, in this case, water, from one place to another; it implies a flow of water from God to us. The giving of the Spirit is compared to the pouring of water, a flow of water from God to us. I have described the outpouring of the Spirit in another Deshen Daily devotional.

Second, the Lord calls His Spirit “water,” “floods,” and “my blessing” in this verse. As Water, the Rivers of living waters, the Spirit satisfies every need of human life. And there is no greater need in Man than the presence of God, a restoration of our fellowship with Him; the Spirit meets this need in our hearts. But we have other needs, from wisdom and power for daily living to physical necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. The Spirit in our hearts is God’s provision for all our needs—all, spiritual or physical. Furthermore, He says here that the Spirit is His blessing. Yes, the Holy Spirit is the blessing of Abraham, the Father’s blessing to His children! 

Lastly, the Lord describes the recipients of this blessing as “thirsty,” “dry ground,” “thy seed,” and “thine offspring.” All of these descriptors refer to the same people: believers in Christ. He begins with the term “thirsty.” Water from heaven is for the thirsty, and spiritual thirst is hunger or ardent desire. Therefore, spiritual fullness is for the thirsty. God does not give Water to those who are not thirsty; He does not give His treasures to those who do not value them. Let the Spirit re-ignite hunger in your heart—hunger for His Word, His presence, glory, power, wisdom, etc. Again, He goes further and says this blessing is for the children. Yes, it is the Father’s blessing. It is for us and our children. Oh, our kids will be so full of the Spirit because when they are, they will loathe the deceptive “highs” that come from the world.

And, as I have taught repeatedly, we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily. We received Him at salvation and were immersed in power at the baptism of the Spirit, but we continually drink of this heavenly Water at Christ’s feet every day. The Father delights to pour the water of His Spirit upon His Children, you and me.


Why is the Holy Spirit called water? What is the similarity between the operation of water and the work of the Spirit in our lives?

Apply the Word

The Father’s blessing to you every day is His Spirit.   Believe this Word. Drink at the feet of Christ daily and be packed every day. Resist living the Christian life with an empty cup. You can never be too busy to sit at Christ’s feet to drink daily; otherwise, you will run out of oil like the five foolish virgins.


Thank the Father for the Father’s blessing to us, His children.

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