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Are You also Tired of Christian Religion?

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.” (Jn. 7:37 NKJ)

Christian religion

If you are tired of religion, then you are not alone. I understand that most of those who are  reading these devotionals are believers, so the religion I am referring to here is not the religious systems of the world. I am talking about what I call “christian religion.” It is involvement in Christian practices and routines without any power. It creates a similar emptiness and frustration that the empty religions in the word create, except that we are saved and heaven-bound.

In the scripture above, the Jews were still thirsty after a wonderful feast in Jerusalem. Many Christians find themselves in the same scenario – exceptional church services, but they go home feeling empty and dry. You may be familiar with comments such as “The sermon was wonderful, but I still went home dealing with the same issues I had,” or “I read the Bible and prayed, but nothing happened.”

There was a time in my own Christian life when I struggled with christian religion. The Lord has delivered me from it by the power of His Word. I will never want to go back there. It is a place of activity, but emptiness. This christian religion will bore you to death. It will promise much and deliver little or nothing.

Are you also tired of christian religion? I am, too! After all the good teachings, programs, church buildings, etc., what we really want is  fellowship with God’s presence. We want the manifestation of His power to deliver us from the things plaguing humanity here and now.


What do you think: How common is “christian religion” in the Body of Christ?


If you are tired of christian religion, then do something about it. The cure for it is intimate knowledge and experience of God in His Word and Spirit.


Ask the Lord to open your eyes to escaping the christian religion.

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