He whom you love is sick

“Therefore the sisters sent to Him, saying, ‘Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick’” (Jn. 11:3 NKJ).

Mary and Martha sent the message above to Jesus. Do you see an apparent paradox in the verse above? The one whom Jesus, the great Healer, loves is sick. This is where many of us find ourselves. We are certain He loves us, but we are in a mess that is not consistent with God’s love. It is paramount for us to understand how God works, otherwise we will suffer unnecessarily.

I met a woman one day who told me she knew the Lord really loved her and has done many great things for her, and each day she used cocaine and continued to ruin her life. The love of God provides the atmosphere for you to heal, become whole, and thrive in life. It WILL NOT CHANGE anything about us UNTIL WE RESPOND to it. God can love someone, but that individual may end up in hell. Really? Yes. That is why we preach the gospel to the world that God loves: so that they may respond to the love of God and be saved. Love never imposes itself against another’s will. Mary and Martha said, “He whom You love is sick.” Do not let this be you, as it indeed can be if we let it happen. Respond to the love of God.


Will a loving God give bad gifts to His children? Luke 11:13.


Does the Lord love you? Is there anything that is not consistent with the love of God in your life? Is it God, or are you missing something? Do not continue making wrong choices that are ruining your life, or refuse to do the things that will boost your life and think the love of God will somehow bypass your choices. Would you respond to God’s love today?


Pray earnestly and ask the Lord to help you learn to respond to His love and grace.

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