For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift

For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end you may be established; (Romans 1:11 KJV)

Two christian people are praying together over holy bible.

Pauls shares a profound spiritual truth of how the Holy Spirit and the power of God operates in and through us. He was longing to see the Christians in Rome so that he may impart spiritual gifts unto them. What does this mean?

The word “impart’ in the Greek is metadidomi  which means to share with someone what one has. The word “sharing” is critical, as it is not the same as merely giving. Let me illustrate it with a practical example. If I have one dollar and give it out to someone, that person who receives it will have one dollar and I will have none. This is not the idea of impartation as used here. Spiritual things are shared in a manner that is different from the way we share physical things. When God gave us the Holy Spirit, He was not left with zero Holy Spirit! When He gave us the Spirit, we had the fullness of the Spirit and He still is the fullness of the Holy Spirit! He has 100% and we also have 100%.  

Spiritual gifts can be imparted. Someone with the prophetic gift, for example, can impart that gift to another believer. They do not loose the gift when they impart, neither does it diminish. Impartation is a spiritual device that God has given us in the Church to multiply His giftings and operations in our lives.


The devotional above is loaded with condensed truth. Please think through what you have just read to ensure you understand the truth being shared.


Spiritual gifts can be imparted. It is a wonderful spiritual device to multiply the Spirit’s operations in the Church. Scripture clearly teaches us we should desire spiritual gifts, and so desire to be imparted! (1 Cor. 14:1). You often read in the book of Acts how the Apostles laid hands on believers and there was an outburst of manifestation of spiritual gifts. These are classic examples of impartation! It is different from conversion or the new birth. Be imparted and also impart others with the gift in you!


Ask the Spirit for impartation encounters in your life! 

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