When Prophecy Clashes with Truth

If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign or a wonder, (Deuteronomy 13:1 ESV)

False prophets showing a man showing a Bible

False prophets and fake miracles are Satan’s cash cows for deceiving people. He has no intention of changing these strategies because they work well and have always worked for a long time.

Just before the Israelites entered the promised land, Moses warned them about false prophets. He said if someone gives an accurate “prophecy” or performs a miracle but later tells them to go and worship an idol, they should not heed that prophet.

Please note the distinct components here. Firstly, the “prophecy” was accurate, or they performed a miracle. This is the supernatural power aspect. Secondly, their doctrine and practices are against God’s will clearly revealed in His commandments—their ways are anti-God, anti-Christ.

God warned them sternly: if the miracle or the prophecy does not match the truth of God’s words, they should not listen or follow. Yet false prophets continued to flourish in Israel. Today, there are not only false prophets but also false teachers, pastors, and ministers.

Why does this problem continue today? Firstly, miracles and prophecies continue to be a major manifestation of God’s power today. Yes, though there are a plethora of fake prophets, teachers, pastors, etc., there are many more true and godly ones. Secondly, God’s people turn to lower their guards whenever they see demonstrations of the supernatural that appear to be God. The groups that are most susceptive to this are Pentecostals.

Be careful. False prophets and teachers are not going away anytime soon. On the contrary, they will only get worse until the biggest false prophet arises, who will the false prophet par excellence to the Antichrist.


What do false prophets and teachers often use today to lure their victims?  

Apply the Word

False ministers continue to feast on the vulnerability of Christians desperate for miracles, breakthroughs, prophetic words, etc. Open your eyes wide and do not be the sheep that Satanic wolves will eat.


Ask the Father to help believers be established in the truth.

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