Cultivating intimacy with God day by day

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you… (Jas. 4:8 NAS)

Intimacy with God is a treasure we must all yearn and hunger after. It is your most valuable relationship in life, because it will shape and influence all other relationships in your life, and rock all of your world! The good news is that every human being on earth has the opportunity to develop a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. As believers, the intimacy of our relationship with the Lord is something we can do something about. As the scripture above says, if you draw near to God, He will draw near to you. Though we are all children of God as believers, our intimacy with Him is at different degrees determined by each individual.

The lifeline of any relationship is communication. Through communication, you get to know Him, and He gets to “know you”, though He already knows all about you! He loves to hear you talk to Him as a child pours out their heart to a father. You might be surprised to learn this, that the delights in the moments He spends with you! Psalms 149:4 tells us “For the LORD takes pleasure in His people” (NAS).  Every moment  you spend on God’s Word  or in prayer is time spent fellowshipping with Him. As you do, His life infuses into every fibre of your being and you glow with His glory. Not very long, you discover that you become so sensitive to Him,  that you can tell what He thinks or how He feels about circumstances. You begin to know His heart as He knows yours. This is a place of intimacy.  There is no better place on earth than to be in that place of intimacy with God. You will live life daily from above. I am still to find a man who is intimate with the Lord who lives in bitterness. I have not yet heard of a man who dwells in that place of intimacy who lacks any good thing. The choice is yours, not His. Desire Him today.

MEDITATE-intimacy with God

God is His Word! Each time you have a dedicated encounter with the Word, you are actually encountering  God! That is why I encourage you not causally read God’s Word but meditate on it. It is fellowship time. It is intimacy moment.


I encourage you today to pray and ask the Spirit to cause an augmentation of your desire to be intimate with God. Do not worry how that would happen. Just ask for the desire and watch how He makes it happen!


As believers living in this day and age, we are at a very high risk of confusing engagement in spiritual activity with intimacy with God. Church, ministry, Christian life etc should in no wise replace your intimacy with God. Intimacy is cultivated, and you too can do it. Cherish and prioritize your moments with God. No matter where you are starting-just start somewhere and make that time a priority and slowly cause it to grow over time. Make a decision today to nurture your relationship with God in His Word and in prayer. You will be amazed what will happen to your family, job, finances, relationships, etc as God takes the priority in your personal life.


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  1. I am very blessed by your teaching. God is awesome. There I no one like him. I love God and He is the center of my life.. I am growing in the Lord daily.

  2. I thank you so much for these articles. I am so happy that I can have an intimate relationship with God. These articles I am reading mean so much to my walk with God. Thank you so much.

    1. Mary, thank you for taking the time to drop the feedback for us. It is always a joy to read how the Lord is using these articles to be a blessing to His children. The Lord indeed cause you to draw closer and closer to Him on a daily basis and enjoy the wonders of intimacy with Him. Blessings

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