Created to commune with God

And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden (Genesis 3:8, KJV)

God came down into Eden(presence) and communed( talked with) Adam and Eve. This was His plan for us from the beginning. He created Adam with the capacity to perceive and communicate with Him. God wanted Adam to perceive His presence, understand His thoughts, feelings, and desires and also be able express his own  thoughts, feelings and desires to God. This mutual companionship, in the presence of each other, communing with one another is what fellowship is all about. It is the Father’s desire from the beginning. Adam forfeited this fellowship, Christ restored it back to us many times over.

Your capacity to feel, think or decide is not by chance. God created you with those capacities because they are a reflection of what He is. He made us like Him. And it gets even more astonishing. Our ability to think means if God reveals Himself as knowledge, we will be able to perceive Him. Our ability to desire or feel emotions means if God reveals Himself in the realm of desires or emotions, we can perceive Him! The fellowship of the Spirit does not mean hearing voices inside of your heart from God. It means perceiving God in your heart when He shows up and reveals Himself to you in knowledge, emotions, desires, etc.

Your heart has the capacity of not only containing God but perceiving Him. The natural human cannot perceive Him alone. However, the Holy Spirit quickens our souls to be able to perceive the Father. This is the intimacy the Lord is calling you to walk in. He wants to fill your entire soul,so that heart is full of the communion of His presence, and your thoughts, emotions and desires at all times  be filled with God. He created you to have a mind because He is revealed in knowledge and you can therefore perceive Him. He created the emotions in you because He will be revealed in emotions such as love or joy and He wants you to perceive Him. Be conscious of the Father inside of you. As you grow in this consciousness and completely yield yourself to the Spirit, again and again, you will be perplexed to realize God’s presence can be a daily reality. It is your season. This year is your year of His presence!


Did God create your mind and emotions? Are our emotions evil in themselves? Why did He give you the ability to think or to feel, from the devotional above?


Cultivate the consciousness of living in God’s presence. Learn to set your heart on the things above. Do not let your thoughts, emotions or desires go wild. Set them on the things above,  on Christ. Focus on God, and His presence in you. Talk with Him repeatedly and grow in this consciousness. The Spirit of the Lord brings you into a place where your daily life becomes an experience of communion with God and living in His presence! 


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to give you the grace to train your heart to commune with the Father. 

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