How to cast your cares upon the Lord

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. (Ps. 55:22 NIV)

When you cast your cares upon the Lord, you can be certain He will sustain you according to the verse above. Our cares are the things that bother and trouble us, no matter what they are. They can also be called burdens, anxieties, worries, headaches, heartaches, and fears. They include anything that can keep us awake at night, occupy our thoughts and make  us worry.

The Apostle Peter gives us a solid reason why you should cast your cares upon the Lord “casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you” (1 Pet. 5:7 NAS). The Lord cares for you. If it matters to you, it matters to Him. There is no reason why both of you should worry about the same thing. If He cares for you, let Him be God, and just be you-a beloved child! There is no worry and anxiety in God’s world. This might sound irrational and unreasonable to those who are of the world. Faith is the “burden transfer mechanism” God has given to us. We cast our cares upon Him by trusting in Him. “Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it” (Ps. 37:5 NAS). This is not positive thinking or being optimistic in situations. It is transferring our burdens to God, so that He can handle the situation for us. Cast your cares, including the one that is in your heart right now, to the Lord by trusting Him to make a way out for you.

MEDITATE-cast your cares

Ponder upon the verses above in the light of  today’s devotional. What are the cares that are on your heart today?


Praise the Lord for being our burden Bearer. Ask the Lord to sustain you through the cares, according to His Word, and grant you the audacity to trust Him.


Do not read this devotional and the words above and go about still worrying about anything today. Do the Word- that is where the power to have victory lies. If God says “be anxious for nothing”,  do what He says and “be anxious for nothing”. Resist the temptation of thinking your case is different or unique. When anxiety or worry strikes, remember the Word, praise Him in your heart for being there and taking care of it, and keep your mind focused on Him. This is your path to victory over worry- do what God says and  cast your cares upon Him by trusting Him.

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