They shall Hunger No More

They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat (Revelation 7:16, KJV)

When eternity swallows up time, then everything that is associated with time will vanish. There are a couple of things that will be “no more” when Jesus returns, and we step into the fullness of God’s purposes for our lives. The verse above lists four, amongst others. It says “they shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat”. Let me focus on hunger and thirst here.

Hunger and thirst represent the totality of human needs. We are creatures of needs. We need something that is outside of us, beyond our control, to continue to survive. This is different from God, who is self-sustaining and self-sufficient. We need food to stay alive, and water to drink. We need clothing and shelter. We even need money to take care of the ever increasing needs of our daily lives.  Our human needs go beyond the physical. We all need satisfaction, joy, peace,  fulfillment in life, etc. We need to love and be loved. We need forgiveness when we sin or offend someone. The list continues, but the greatest of all human needs is life. It is the deepest of all. Life comes from God, and is contingent on our fellowship with Him. The greatest human need is, therefore, our fellowship with our Creator. Once that need is unmet, everything else will fall short.

The days are coming when human needs will be completely erased from our vocabulary. God, the Source of everything we need, will be completely immersed in our being and as a River of living Water gushing out from within our spirits, will lift up the new creation above the planes of needs. We will not need life, because life will be part of our very being, inseparable. We will never need healing because the body we will have is outside of the scope of disease. We will not need to sweat to have food to eat. If you thought the Garden of Eden was splendid, you are about to experience something that is more than a  million times better than Eden.

The days are approaching quickly. The spiritual temperature of the earth is rapidly reaching unsustainable levels, as the wickedness, calamities, problems, sufferings and demonic activities continue to escalate. You do not need a prophet to tell you that things are changing very quickly on the earth. However, what lies ahead of us should instead make us say the words  “even so, come Lord Jesus!”.


What does it mean when we say “God is self-sufficient”?


God has designed a beautiful life for us here and now while in this present broken body. However, we must realize that the final hope of the believer is NOT in this present life. There are some things we are still looking forward to, which we cannot have here no matter what amount of faith we put in. It is our hope, the redemption of our bodies. Be encouraged. Keep moving forward with the Lord.


Thank the Lord for the wonderful blessing of the hope we have in Christ.

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