Launch Out into the Deep

Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught  (Luke 5:4, KJV)

Jesus used Peter’s fishing boat to preach His sermon one blessed day because the crowd was too large and the only way to keep them at a distance was to use a boat and speak to them from the sea. The boat had to get as close to shore as possible, to the shallow waters. After Jesus’ sermon, He instructed Peter to get back to the deep waters for a catch. Fishes are not caught in shallow waters.

Peter was a fisherman, and he had to go to the deep for a catch. Later, he was changed into a fisher of men. In the same way, he had to move to the deep to catch men for the kingdom. There are many lessons we can learn from the application of this truth in our daily lives. The most obvious is that treasures are usually not found on the surface. Those who content themselves with superficiality never experience the best. If you want to enjoy the richness of your fellowship with God, you will have to move from the superficial to the deep. 

Similarly, the accomplishment of the ministry God has given you will require you to move to where the fishes are found. You may have to live the comfort of shallow waters where you are sure to launch out into the deep where God’s Word sustains you. If you cannot launch out into the deep in response to the Word of God, your destiny in God will be thwarted.

It is time to laugh out into the deep in your relationship with the Lord and ministry.


Did the command of Jesus to launch out into the deep make sense to Peter at the time Jesus said it? See Peter’s response in Luke 5:5-6.


Have you been living in shallow waters? Well, the Lord is calling you now to launch out into the deep! Take that step, walking on His Word into your divine destiny.


Ask the Lord to grant you boldness and courage to step into the deep waters. 

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Herman B Crossen Jr
Herman B Crossen Jr
1 year ago

This is a nice summary of the scripture.