Launch Out into the Deep

Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.  (Luke 5:4, KJV)

Peter’s interaction with Jesus while in a boat on the lake of Gennesaret has two life-changing lessons for us: facing our prior failures and stretching ourselves to dig deeper.

In this remarkable story, Peter and his fishermen colleagues had just witnessed a disheartening failure in their overnight fishing expedition. While musing about their terrible night, they had sailed to the shore of the lake, preparing their nets to call off the day. But Jesus had another plan for them.

First, Jesus asked Peter to return to the waters and let down his nets. He sent Peter back to the same place he had miserably failed. Everything Peter knew, including his expertise as a fisherman, told him he would fail again. And the last thing any of us ever wants to deal with as we struggle with our weaknesses and failures is to be defeated, humiliated, disgraced, or even exposed one more time. Peter had to die to himself to do what Jesus commanded him to do. And he was glad he did.

Second, Jesus asked him to launch out into the deep—return to the deep waters. They had retreated to the shore, to shallow waters. Jesus asked him to go to the deep because you would only find big fish in the deep. 

Our walk with God and ministry will often require one or both of these two lessons. First, God will send us back, armed with His Spirit and His Word, to dismantle those demons, challenges, or problems that embarrassed us before. Second, He will ask you to go deeper in your revelation of the scriptures, your prayer life, and your intimacy with Him. There are depths of God we will never know in superficial Bible reading, prayer, or sacrifice. 


Which of the two lessons mentioned speaks more to your life today?

Apply the Word

Has God commanded you to do something, and are you afraid because you failed miserably before? Or are you still a baby in prayer or understanding when God has bigger fish in deeper waters for you to catch? Brother and sister, launch out into the deep!


Ask the Spirit to help you with the two things mentioned above. 

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