What is the Key of Knowledge?

Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered  (Luke 11:52, KJV)

Jesus made the sobering statement above about the religious lawyers. These lawyers were the experts in the Law of Moses. Jesus said they had taken away the key of knowledge from the people. What is this key? A little bit of Biblical exegesis here.

The phrase “of knowledge” is grammatically in what is called the Genitive case in Greek. Scholars have interpreted this in two main ways. The first is called “genitive of apposition,” which puts two nouns besides each other which are essentially synonymous. The “key of knowledge”  in this context would mean  “key that consists of knowledge”  or the “key, that is, knowledge.” The second option is called  “objective genitive,” which would mean “the key that leads to knowledge.”

The context strongly suggests that the key Jesus is talking about is the knowledge, not something else that leads to knowledge. Thankfully, both options are not mutually exclusive. However, the revelation that the key is knowledge is a intriguing reality. What Jesus is saying is that knowledge is a key that grants access to spiritual graces from heaven. There is no better scripture to illustrate this here than 2 Peter 1:2: “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord” (2 Peter 1:2, KJV). It directly connects knowledge to grace. Knowledge is a key that accesses the treasure of grace. Grace is multiplied in your life by the knowledge of the Son of God. The knowledge of God brings with it an experience of the divine. It is not mere intellectual knowledge but the spiritual knowledge imparted to a person from the Spirit that brings that individual to an experience of what is known, not just mere intellectual awareness.


Imagine a room in heaven with healing in it and a lock on the door. From your understanding of the above devotional, what would be the key to access the healing in that room?( See Isa. 53:1 to help!)


Your experience of God is directly related to what you know about God. Knowledge is a key in the kingdom. When God wants to give you dominion in an area in your life, He reveals His Word to you in that area. I cannot say this enough! Crave the knowledge of the Son of God! The more of Him you know, the more grace overflows in your life.


Ask the Lord to help you take hold of kingdom knowledge and begin unlocking treasures from heaven in your life. 

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