How To Apply God’s Power To Your Soul And Body

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. (Prov. 16:24 NKJ)

Applying God's Word to your body and soul

Man is spirit, soul, and body. This truth must become a revelation to you, deeply rooted in your spirit, if you want to learn how to walk in victory here and now. The day we were born again, our spirit was also born again.

Yes, we are saved, filled with the Spirit and heading to heaven. But we have issues to deal with in the here and now. We have to face fear, anxiety, hatefulness, bitterness, poverty, disease, satanic oppression, relationship catastrophes, etc.

Despite all of this, the Lord has made provision for you to live a victorious life here on the earth. He cares about your body, your soul, and your spirit. He wants the complete salvation in your spirit to flood into your soul, your body, and your world.

Your spirit was saved from sin. Your soul has to be saved from sinful and negative thoughts, feelings, and desires. Your body has to be saved from diseases. It is your responsibility as a believer to ensure that your soul and body receive the salvation in your spirit.

Our scripture above gives us the tantalizing statement that “pleasant words are like a honeycomb,” in that they will cause the soul to be glad and bring health to the body. That is God’s medication right there for the issues of our soul and our body.

Words are therapeutic. God’s Word is the ultimate therapy for all the ailments of humanity. You apply God’s medication by taking His Word into your heart and learning to SPEAK to your soul and body to bring them into alignment.


Why is it important for us to learn to speak “pleasant words” to our soul and body? See Prov. 18:21.


Have you been applying God’s medication to your emotions, body, finances, etc.? Start doing so today, or if you already are, do it more and more!


Thank God for giving you a free prescription for the Remedy of all remedies.

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