An Amazing Wonder of God’s Words

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear (Hebrews 11:3, KJV)

There is something different about the words that God speaks. It makes the Bible unique amongst the collection of books now available to man. The summary of this difference is that the words that God speaks are “spirit and life” ( John 6:63). Let me illustrate this amazing mystery with a little dramatization here.

There are two parts to words in general, whether spoken or written. There is the “information” or “message,” and there is the container of transmission. In other words, the “content” and the “container.” The container can be the voice for spoken words or letters for written words. This devotional you are reading is transmitting knowledge as the content, and the container is the letters. So words contain something. Human words contain information. And that is all. However, that is where the difference between human words and God’s words begin!

God’s words spoken to us also have content and container. The content like our own words is information or knowledge, but beyond our words, God’s words are “spirit and life.” There are “things” in the words God speaks. In Heb. 11:3 above, He spoke, and the realities of the universe came into existence. The beautiful things we see today were in the words God spoke. His words create and given existence to reality to whatever He says. That means when God says to you, “be healed”, there is healing in those words! Healing comes into existence when God says it.

I want you to imagine someone speaking, and money, cars, marriages, prosperity, healing, etc. falling out of their mouths. Such a sight can only be possible in the cartoon world for us. But that is exactly what happens when God speaks! Realities come out of His mouth! And do you know God has already said that you are blessed in Christ? Can you imagine what that means???


What does it take to understand the power of God’s words from Her. 11:3 above?


Understanding and faith are the hands that receive the realities that fall off God’s mouth as He speaks. He said by Christ’s stripes, you are healed. That means healing has already come out of His mouth! The same is true for anointing, prosperity, favor, etc. Stretch your hands and receive!


Bless the Lord for the wonders of His Word. 

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