The Principle of the Seed

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field (Matthew 13:31, KJV)

The seed principle is a fundamental universal law that God wired into the operations of both spiritual and natural things on the earth. Jesus gives us the essence of this principle in the verse above. A seed is something that is put on the earth and produces a larger result tomorrow. It may be small and almost insignificant today, but it has the potential to become big tomorrow.

The Word of God is the most crucial seed revealed to us in the scripture. When sowed into a person’s heart, it becomes the most powerful influence that can produce remarkable changes in every aspect of that person’s life. Similarly, our behavior is  a  seed. Whatever we do today is a seed we sow, and we will reap the results tomorrow, whatever those results are ( Gal. 6:7). Remember that each time you speak and act, you are putting a seed into the ground. 

It is the same principle that operates in giving. Many of us do not yet any more teaching on the “financial seed” because that is the emphasis of the day in many christian circles. Yes, it is the same principle of the seed. Giving, God has shown in the scripture, has a spiritual impact on our finances. It is the seed principle at work also.

Your today is the seed for tomorrow’s harvest. There is a cultural plight today that teaches people to plant seed A and expect harvest B. In other words, it trains a generation to reject the consequences of their actions. The seed principle is no respecter of persons. We should rather  use this principle for our profit. Start putting seeds in the ground today that will benefit you tomorrow. Put the Word in your heart. Watch the seeds you sow with your actions and words and steer your destiny in the right direction.


Have you recently harvested the results of a seed you sowed with your words or actions a few days back?


If you do not want oranges tomorrow, do not put orange seeds into the ground today. If you want a blissful life tomorrow, plant the blissful seed today. The greatest seed you can plant is putting God’s Word in your heart and doing what it says in any area of your life. Start putting the right seeds into the ground.


Ask the LORD to help you plant the right seeds in your life. 

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