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How to use daily devotionals 

Give us this day our daily bread. (Matthew 6:11 KJV)

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We continue our series on the devotional life as we celebrate the transition from Glory & Grace Daily to Deshen Daily. There has been an explosion of daily devotionals lately, many of which are solid and powerful. As is usually the case with all of us in these bodies of flesh, we are good at misusing or abusing what is originally very good.

It often surprises many of you when I say or write this, given that I publish daily devotionals. Your devotional life IS NOT reading a piece of devotional writing. In fact, I think we are already at a phase when written daily devotionals are becoming a hindrance to Christians truly having a devotional life. Some might already be dealing with devotional overload, where they read multiple and end up feeding (truly receiving the Word) from none.

I believe daily devotionals are a considerable benefit and addition to our Christian lives today. A good-hearted sister in the Lord once wrote to me that she does not believe in daily devotionals! This is an extreme statement similar to stating she does not believe in preachings, sermons, or pastors!

The key message here is for us to clearly define the role of daily devotionals in our devotional life. Remember, your devotional life is time with the Father in His Word and fellowship of prayer. Consider a daily devotional life a mini-sermon you read or listen to daily. The Spirit of the Lord will feed you with your daily portion from heaven. It may sometimes be from your Bible reading, a verse you are studying or dealing with a pressing issue in your life or from a daily devotional.

I will encourage you to read Deshen Daily every day, but I do not expect it to be the specific Word the Father has specifically for you EVERY DAY! Be sensitive to the Spirit and know what He has for you.

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What is the difference between reading a daily devotional and having a devotional time with the Lord? What is the relationship between the two?

Apply the Word

Daily devotionals are an excellent vehicle of communicating the Word of God. Deshen Daily devotionals are more than mere devotionals for every particular day. They are Spirit-breathed timeless truths from the revelations given to me, which are not limited to any particular day. Same with other Spirit-filled devotionals out there. Do not allow what is good become a hindrance because of inappropriate use!


Ask the Lord for the wisdom to maximize the benefit from daily devotionals. 

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