A Prayer For Money That Works?

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. (Mk. 11:24 KJV)

prayer for money

Have you ever seen a prayer for money in Scripture? Are there any scriptures asking God to give us money? God certainly answers prayers, but if you study the scriptures for yourself, you will quickly realize that God does not directly answer prayer with wealth. Sure, you can ask God to meet some need in your life, but you can’t pray your way into wealth.

The scriptures show us that divine wealth and abundance are a result of God’s principles operating in our life. He can show you how, and even empower you to create wealth. Instead of praying for money, study the Word to learn God’s economical rules, and then do them. Following God’s financial guidelines are the best determinants of your current financial status and predictor of your future gain in His kingdom!

The same principle applies to faith. You cannot get more faith by praying for it, because faith is not a direct answer to prayer. By putting the Word in your heart, faith will result struggle-free. Similarly, find out for yourself what God has said about money and commit yourself wholly to doing it.


Can you think of one thing God has commanded you to do that will bring wealth? (See Job 22:22-24, Deut. 8:18, Luk. 6:38, Matt. 6:33, pro. 28:19…). Declare that “The wisdom and power of God are operating in me to create wealth”.


Instead of asking God to give you the money, start applying yourself to the principles God provided in His Word regarding wealth.


Thank the Lord for giving us His Word. Pray that your eyes will be open to know and apply the Word of God in your life regarding wealth.

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