Intimacy with God Established From Creation

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7, KJV)

Man was created with a special connection with God from day 1. We have a vital link with our Creator, meaning our life comes from Him. We die away from Him and live when we are connected to Him. Human life is closely related to the Father. Interestingly, God has an emotional attachment to man. Yes, you read it well! Just as we have a vital(life) attachment to Him, He also has an emotional attachment to us. This emotional attachment is what we call the love of God. God loves man, from day 1, being His image just as a father watches the son or daughter being born and immediately develops an emotional attachment to that tiny human being!

Our vital attachment was established from creation. When God created other animals, He commanded the water( fishes and birds) and the land( other land animals) to bring forth these living creatures that have life and move. Their breath of life was commanded from their source as they were created. However, when He created man, He breathed into man’s nostrils, life coming directly from Him. What closeness and intimacy displayed by the Father! He held us close, then breathed directly into us. He established our close relationship with Him. Man dies away from God and lives in His presence.

The same is true about your spiritual life. The further you are in your practical walk with Him, the more death you experience and the closer you get, the more life you enjoy! 


Do animals also have the breath of life? ( Gen. 1:20). What is the difference between the breath of life in man and that of other animals?


What is the spiritual temperature of your relationship with God? Distancing ourselves brings death, and drawing near brings life. The further you go, the more death you experience, and at the closer you get, the more life you enjoy! Choose life today, and make up your mind to grow in your intimacy with the Father!


Ask the Spirit to help you draw practically closer to Him each day. 

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