You will love this Christmas gift from heaven!

So that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:7, ESV)

The birth of Jesus meant the mystery of God, hidden for ages, was being finally rolled into effect. In our Glory & Grace Daily devotional published yesterday, I discussed God’s wonderful gift of the Son. Well, we are not done yet! Let me show you the grace dimension of this Gift, which you will become captivated by.

Eph. 2:7 above says God did everything He did for us through Jesus so that the immeasurable riches of His grace demonstrated through kindness toward us in Christ might be known. It means God, Himself, decided that He will use you to demonstrate the surpassing, the immeasurable, and infinite abundance of His grace. You do not have to do anything except enjoy God’s extravagant kindness while God fulfills what He has always wanted to do. You have been caught in a net of favor that God was planning to demonstrated!

The Apostle Paul gives it the most remarkable name in Rom. 9:23 that we are “vessels of mercy”. It means God brought you in Christ as a vessel to be used to show His mercy and grace. I pray you to catch this truth! I am not trying to excite your mind. It is the truth of the Word. The day you realize that grace is God’s decision and choice, and all you have to do is to enjoy it to the full because your destiny is to enjoy God’s grace while God fulfills His own desires!

I have written multiple times before, that grace is received by faith. That is the part you have to play. This truth will be gold to some of you as your faith is stirred up to accept it, and sadly, it will mean nothing to others who brush it off. You are a child of grace, born and caught in a ticket of extravagant kindness so you can enjoy eternal life until it overflows! What a year-long Christmas gift!


Please take a moment to understand fully what the devotional above is revealing. If you have to read it multiple times and even later, do so!


How can the world see God’s grace as God wanted except they see the results in your life? The experience of grace is not merely a feeling, but it the tangible experience the things God does for us in His kindness. What is it in life that God will withhold from you?( Ps. 84:11). How far can your faith go this Christmas?


Bless the Lord for such a lovely Christmas gift that persistent all year-long. 

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