Why it is Crucial to Be Filled with the Spirit 

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18 KJV) 

Christianity is the Spirit of God in a human being. This indwelling of the Spirit determines two significant aspects of the believer’s life: their state of being and their activities. Furthermore, this critical function applies to all the three dimensions of being filled—new birth, baptism of the Spirit, and the ongoing daily infilling.

Understanding the importance of the indwelling Spirit requires us first to know how the human spirit functions in us. And note this applies to all human beings, born again or not. First, your natural human spirit determines the state of existence of your body and heart. The tendency to be fearful is a state of being of a person’s heart, just as health and vitality are states of the person’s body. Second, the human spirit in us determines the activities of both the soul(heart) and the body. For instance, the ability to think, feel, and use your body are activities that are possible BECAUSE the human spirit is in us.

The indwelling Spirit in a human being, a believer, produces the state of being and activities that God wants. As I have taught previously, the Holy Spirit works in and through our human spirit as one with it ( 1 Cor. 6:7). So the Spirit of God functions, in the same way, the human spirit functions in us, except that its results are divine, not human!

For example, spiritual understanding and faith in the heart are results of the Holy Spirit in a person’s heart. Similarly, spiritual power and strength in body and soul and the ability to love others are results of the indwelling Spirit in a person. In summary, Christianity is the outward result of the Spirit in us. The more filled you are with the Spirit, the more Christ-like you become in character and works! Without the indwelling Spirit, it is impossible to be or function as God wants.

Be filled with the Spirit every day!

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Please THINK and SPEAK the words of Eph. 5:18 above repeatedly. 

Please visit the links provided to understand what it means to be filled with the Spirit, the three dimensions, and the two phases seen in the scriptures. 

Thank the Lord for helping you stay filled every single day for a supernatural life. 

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