Walking in the wisdom of God

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: And with all thy getting get understanding (Proverbs 4:7, KJV)

The Lord spoke through Solomon in Prov. 4:7 above that wisdom is the principal thing and therefore commands us to get wisdom— at all cost. This has always been a perplexing scripture to me. As a believer, born and raised in the charismatic circle, that is not what I expected the Lord to say. I would have expected Him to say, “power is the principal thing, so do everything you can do get more power.” Our thoughts are not His thoughts.

The critics of Jesus were amazed at the miracles, but nothing struck awe and fear in them compared to the demonstration of the wisdom of God Jesus. The Lord wants to bring His Church into walking in His wisdom. He has given us both His power and His wisdom in Christ. We have neglected the wisdom of God for so long, and the consequences are screaming at us. I mentioned it before that the overwhelming majority of your problems are not power but wisdom problems. How many of us are dealing with problems today due to bad choices, wrong relationships, off career choices, foolish behavior, unhealthy habits, etc? When wisdom fails, we need the power of God to deliver us. Wisdom will keep us from outbursts of anger or bitterness but if it fails, we may need power later down the road to deliver us from the many troubles that come with such behaviors.

 Walking in the wisdom of God is simply doing things God’s way. God has His ways of doing things, which are different from ours. How do you live your life on a daily basis? Do you follow God’s ways as revealed in the Word or  your own ways or worst still the ways of the world? How do you solve your relationship problems? What is the way you think about money? How do you spend your time or resources? These questions are meant to guide you to see  how much of your daily life is controlled by the Word or wisdom  of God. Wisdom is walking in the ways of God. Get wisdom.


What is the meaning of “principal thing” above? Principle compared to what?


God’s wisdom is His Word. The day you make up your mind to start living according to God’s Word, that will be the beginning of wisdom in your daily life. Wisdom will elevate you if you treasure her.


Ask the Lord to open your heart to desire His wisdom as you engage a new year in your life. 

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