Two Requirements to Operate in the Supernatural

Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart (Eph. 4:18 KJV)

The supernatural showing the night sky

A few weeks ago, I did foundational teaching for our Live Glory & Grace Live Bible study online on the topic entitled “ Two Basic Principles for Living in the Supernatural.” This teaching is so, and I will have it condensed in this devotional.

The spiritual realm is not imaginary. It has beings, things and activities going on. It is higher than our natural realm. However, this realm can manifest and control the affairs of this physical life. This is what is called the supernatural. It is the spiritual in the natural producing results that are super-natural.

The glory of the believer is the access to God’s realm and can bring it into manifestation in this natural realm. We can walk in the supernatural here and now. For us to activate the supernatural, two basic tenets are central. The first is seen in the verse above. The sinner is said to have their understanding darkened and therefore separated from God. They are blinded in their hearts and separated from God. The first tenet for the supernatural is to see that invisible realm. When we see, we connect. If we are spiritually blind, we get disconnected. The next step is to respond. We see and then respond. These are the two fundamental elements that govern the life of the supernatural. You have to see, and respond.


Does the verse above mean the sinner’s natural understanding is darkened? What kind of understanding is the Lord referring to here?


You can bring the spiritual into your health, finances, etc. This is your edge in life as a believer. The Word of God will open your eyes and strengthen you to act and respond! The Word is your tool to reign in life by unleashing the supernatural. Rule in the midst of your enemies! ( Ps. 110:2)


Ask the Lord to teach you how to activate and live in the supernatural daily fully.

Watch Two Basic Principled for Living in the Supernatural Daily”.

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