The Truth That Frightened the King James Translators

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” (Rom. 8:1 KJV).

If you have ever been puzzled and perplexed by the truth of “no condemnation,” then you are not alone. The King James Bible translators were also frightened by this truth and had to take immediate action in an attempt to remedy the situation. “No condemnation” in the scripture above means no condemnation! God does not condemn those who are in Christ for their sins because He punished Christ for those same sins! This is a puzzling truth of the Gospel.

The last part of the scripture above—“who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit”—was not in the original Greek manuscript (please read the excellent notes from the NET Bible translators). When the KJV translators read the first part regarding “no condemnation,” they clearly understood what it meant and added the second part in an effort to caution believers. The second part was copied from verse 4 of the same chapter, so it is still God’s Word! The KJV translators, however, are not alone. There are thousands of ministers today who try to “caution believers” by doing the same thing. We do not need to help God. The Bible says that God gave us grace in all wisdom, so surely He had carefully thought about everything (Eph. 1:8)! The truth is that until we honestly know and believe this truth, we will never be free to live a righteous and joyful life. And furthermore, there is never  a single human being on earth to whom this truth is revealed who will continue to live a sinful life. God has given you right standing (righteousness) with Him as a gift so that you can display it outwardly in right living for all to see (right living). Receive God’s gift to you today!


Can you think of a scriptural example of the gift of no condemnation at work? See John 8:1-11.


The truth above may puzzle and frighten you, but it is Truth. I encourage you to study this further for yourself, from the scriptures, keeping aside all your religious knowledge. A life of sin is the greatest evidence that grace is absent. The visible proof of this truth in your life will be a life of righteousness—right living with all joy and freedom!


Ask the Spirit to open your understanding to this truth.

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