Any advantage Calling Him Yeshua Instead of Jesus?

For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love (Galatians 5:6 KJV)

Are there hidden blessings, extra power, or exclusive privileges to those English speakers who call Jesus by His Hebrew name “Yeshua”? Or could there be any dimension of power or intimacy with the  Spirit when we call Him Ruach Hakadosh( Hebrew)  instead of  Holy Spirit( English)? This is the short answer: there is no advantage today calling Jesus by His Hebrew Name Yeshua. Let’s get to the extended version.

Though this question appears deceitfully simple, it has complexities and ramifications beyond this brief devotional. However, the ancient battle between grace and the Law is at the heart of this issue. I will briefly answer this question from two perspectives—language and the Law.

The power in the Name of Jesus is independent of the language being spoken. Instead,  all that matters is that the person who calls the Name knows they are calling Jesus and that their heart is in the right spiritual state. So from the viewpoint of languages in general, calling Jesus by His Hebrew, Greek, English, Spanish, or by my native dialect Bayangi(from Cameroon) makes no difference! 

The perspective of the Law is more complicated than that of language alone. As discussed in another Deshen Daily, the Names and Titles of God in the Old Testament find their fulfillment in Jesus in the New Testament. There is no relationship with the Father or blessing from Him that comes to us outside of that Name Jesus.

We must understand God’s unique plan for Israel and His purposes for this dispensation of the Church. The Law and everything associated with it had a purpose of directing God’s people to Jesus; Jesus did not cancel the Law but rather fulfilled it. So there is no advantage in approaching God in any WAY outside of Jesus, especially the Law. 

Nevertheless, it is not wrong if we learn Hebrew and prefer to call Him Yeshua rather than Jesus. Hebrew speaking believers today call Him Yeshua—of course! Or if we study the names of God revealed in the Old Testament to unveil unique aspects of God’s dealings with us. I also love Hebrew! However,  when we do, be mindful of one thing: do not think we will have any special privileges because we called Him Yeshua instead of Jesus. Even more importantly, we should not let our hearts make us feel  “deeper” or “more spiritual”  THAN other believers who call Him Jesus!

Why is it anyone who calls upon His Name is saved, irrespective of the language they speak?

The temptation of mixing the Law and grace did not end in the Bible days. Instead, it is taking more subtle forms in our lives. Do not fall from grace unknowingly! We must be sure that the cross of Jesus is indeed sufficient.

Thank the Lord that you are a child of God, blessed with all spiritual blessings by believing in Jesus alone!  

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