Three Keys to Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever!

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7, KJV)

Happy new year 2020! It is not only a new year but a new decade. After all the hype and celebration is over, take a moment to imbibe these three keys to make 2020 the best year ever and repeat the cycle every year!

Gal. 6:7 gives us a profound truth that affects our lives deeply on the earth. It is the principle of  the seed. Whatever you plant, that is what you will reap. I know we are more accustomed to this truth in the arena of giving but this truth far exceeds the limited scope of finances. It includes everything about your life. In very simple terms, it states that what we reap is not by chance. That is, the result we got in 2019 is not accidental. Similarly, by December 31, 2020, the results you would have obtained(the harvest) will not be accidental, depending on God or the devil. It will be determined by the seeds you have planted in your life. Let me show you three critical seeds you can plant now and alter the course of 2020.

The first is the seed of light, that is, your understanding of the ways of God. Your life with God is a visible picture to you of how much of God’s light is at work in your life. Look at your health, finances, spiritual life, marriage, etc. The light of God you have is clearly seen in the results you are enjoying. I will dare you to crave the wisdom of God; cry out for the eyes of your understanding to be flooded with light. Devour the Word of God like you have never done before.

The second key  is the seed of faith. Faith simply means believing the Word, accepting as truth when God has said. If you want God’s results, there is no alternative path. You cannot change your level if the degree of your believing God remains the same. The good news is that you can train your heart to believe God. If you will plant the seed of soaking your heart in the Word, you will reap the harvest of practical faith. It is so sad to realize how many things we assume we believe when we truly don’t. Many of you reading these devotionals are probably thinking you believe many things in the Word but you might be surprised if God begins to show you what you believe and what you don’t. Faith is not based on assumptions. You either have believed it or not. You cannot change your year by assuming you have believed. Roll your sleeves and get to work. Plant the seed of faith!

The last seed I will discuss today is the seed of your actions. There is nothing more powerful to determine the course of your life than the things you choose to do or not do. How many of you are probably “angry with God today” as the year closes because He had to do this or that this year or maybe some prophet told you this or that had to happen. I think as the body of Christ, we need to grow up and realize we have a part to play and move on from childish understanding. How many of you have a plan for your financial life this year? How many of you have NOTHING you are doing now that generates money  but you are believing God for a financial breakthrough in 2020? Seriously? Have many of you are looking forward to having a wonderful marriage in 2020 but when you get angry, you bring down the house? How many of you want to end up financially healthy this year but you spend money as an ATM dispenses cash without any limits? How many of you want to be so full of God’s Spirit this year but you pray 1 minute a  day? Can you  see what I mean? Your future is hidden in the things you ARE DOING today. The greatest of all these three seeds is your decision to WALK or actually do the things God has commanded us.

I will guarantee by the veracity of God’s Word, that if you engage yourself to increase the light of God in your life, train your heart to believe God to download from the heavenly cloud of endless resources and commit to living the life that is in alignment with where you want to go to, you will have the POWER to change the course of your year, and no devil in hell, or human being on earth will be able to stop you!


Did you catch the three keys above? Can you repeat them to yourself?


Not a lot to say here. Understanding, believe and do the Word mentioned above! 


Ask the Spirit to help you make 2020 the best year ever!

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  1. What a very significant 3rd Key.
    Doing what GOD commands. Trusting GOD as HE says, rather than people. Obeying GOD and understanding that HE loves obedient children. HE said, “If you love Me you will obey me.” I have come to learn that when GOD tells me to do something, I am apt to respond immediately whether it is for me or someone else. When GOD tells other people to do something that concerns me I find they are not so apt to respond. They need to consult others first which often brings delay in matters. All of us do not place priority on what GOD may tell us to do for others. Nevertheless, I am not accountable for what others do not do when GOD has specifically charged them with a responsibility to do for you or me however minor or major it is to us. To me, the priority is placed on obedience to what GOD told me to do whether for others or for myself. Do your part and GOD will bless you and HE will encourage you in that. GOD’s will in your life is gonna get DONE whether others obey Him or not.

  2. Key 2
    Planting seed in faith is so critical. I am a tither and I sow seed in faith. When you cultivate what this Key 2 states, you will obey GOD in your planting and it will become a Lifestyle. Easy and not an effort. It become something thing you enjoy doing and it will come natural. I am not gonna miss all the four rooms of furniture bc I know when I need furniture GOD will supply that need. Key 2 reminds me of my first year of being saved. My Pastor by Holy Spirit taught us this Key and I learned it in beginning to practice it almost 40 years ago. PTL!

  3. First key-I have practiced that. As a matter of fact on the last Sunday of December 2019 God told me to give away the furniture that I have had in storage for 2 years since I did not move to the house where I would have taken the furniture. Holy Spirit told me to contact Pastor’s (in that State)that I know and tell them I am giving the furniture away. And this month that will happen. I am sowing seed on good ground rather than continue to make storage payments. The furniture is beautiful furniture and in great shape, some brand new. Sowing into good ground matters what Harvest you have. It wasn’t the harvest which was my objective, just obedience to GOD. After I thought about it days later, I realize I will reap a great harvest. I am sure this will meet a need in someone else’s life. Perhaps somebody believing GOD for the furniture they need.
    Thanks for this devotional.

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