They Tried to Destroy the Evidence

So the chief priests made plans to put Lazarus to death as well,because on account of him many of the Jews were going away and believing in Jesus. (Jn. 12:10-11 ESV)

Destruction of the evidence in Lazarus' death

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead through a fantastic display of God’s power and glory. Lazarus had been dead and buried.Jesus was not in their home city of Bethany when he died. He came to Lazarus’s tomb four days later, and called him by name to come out! The dead man came walking out of the grace. You might think this miracle will be the final straw to break every disbelief in Jesus leading to universal acceptance. However, it was not so with the Pharisees.

The resurrection of Lazarus was the miracle that precipitated Jesus’ own death. He raised Lazarus from the dead and the Chief Priests finalized their plans to kill Him. They did not want to end with Jesus. The scripture above says they discussed plans to kill Lazarus also. Why? They tried to destroy the evidence of the miracle. They could not deny the miracle. They wanted to eradicate any trace of it. The religious spirit had made their hearts become hearts of stone. They will rather hold their views on rejecting Jesus and destroy any evidence that shows that they are wrong than believe He is the Son of God.

That same religious spirit is at work in Christianity today. We are all religious. It is only a matter of degree and how much influence the religious aspects of Christianity has on you. Guard your heart against the impact of the religious spirit.


What was the driving force of the religious spirit in the Jewish leaders above? See John 11:47-48, 12:43). Did you notice what they were trying to protect, which was more important to them than the truth?


When God moves in your life in a way that is outside of the box you have put in, your religious spirit will retaliate immediately. It is your responsibility to discern and know when God is moving and align yourself with His ways rather than stick to your own ways.


Ask the Lord to help you not to fall into the snare of the religious spirit in Christianity.

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