The Truth shall Make You Free

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free  (Jn. 8:32 KJV)

the truth shall set you free  showing  a man that is free

Jesus says you shall know the truth and that truth will make you free.  What exactly was Jesus teaching us here? Let me begin by clarifying a fundamental principle of Bible study —the difference between interpretation and application of scripture. In brief, interpretation is figuring out what the author had in mind when he said what was said. One aspect of Application is the possible applications of the truth to our present-day context.

The scripture above is often taught with respect to  truth or lie regarding our earthly lives. For example, some people have believed a lie that they are worthless and that lie for sure will ruin their lives until they find the truth—that they are not. This is an acceptable application of the truth above but this is not the correct interpretation because that is not what Jesus was talking about specifically in this context. What was Jesus speaking about then? He tells us four verses later in the John 8:36 says “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” and therefore shows us clearly that the truth He was talking about was the Son of God Himself. 

The knowledge of Christ will produce freedom in a man’s life. The freedom starts at salvation. When a man comes to the knowledge of Christ, freedom from sin results. But this truth continues beyond the salvation experience. The same Truth will produce freedom from a lifestyle of sin. It will also free us from the bondage of addiction, depression, fear, disease, satanic oppression, and poverty. The Truth shall make you free. 

Please note that it is the truth that makes free, not the knowledge. That same truth, which is His Word to us today, will produce freedom as the Truth in  Person. His Word will do exactly what He will do when physically present.


What is the difference between interpretation of scripture and application?


Jesus is saying that if you are bound by anything, the truth will produce freedom. The knowledge of the truth opens a new dimension of the experience of freedom. Put it to work. Put the Word to work. Your knowledge of the Truth gives you the right to freedom.  Enforce your rights in Christ.


Thank the Lord for the Truth that brings freedom to us in every aspect of our lives. 

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