What is the One Thing God Wants from You? 

“He has told you, O man, what is good, and what the LORD really wants from you” (Mic. 6:8 NET.)

What God really wants from you-Daily devotional
Ever thought about what is that one thing that God really wants from you?

The prophet Micah asked the question above to the Israelites in the days of the Old Covenant. This question is as vital to us today as it was to the Old Testament saints. What does God really want from you? If the Lord were to ask you this question today, what would you say? Is it your worship, money, service, or even good works? It is important to understand the ways of the LORD and understand what matters to Him.

The one thing God really wants from us has not changed from the Old to the New Testament. It is best summarized in this scripture: “My son, give me your heart” (Prov. 23:26 NKJ.) As a man seeks to win the heart of a woman to marry, so God wants to capture your heart. All that He wants is for you to love Him and give Him your heart.

When you love the Lord, you will seek to please Him. You will do His commandments. You will love others. A flourishing Christian life springs out of our love for Him. If He has your heart, He has everything else and you will certainly reign in life as He takes over.

Your heart is your love. Your heart is your will to live to please Him. If He has your heart, your praise will be meaningful. The single thing He wants from you before everything else is you —not your praise, service, money, or good works.


What are some of the other things seeking to get our hearts in this life?

APPLY the Word

God is asking for your heart today. You gave Him your heart when you accepted Christ. Now He wants you to give Him your heart in every aspect of your life. You will be glad if you do!


Ask the Spirit of God to help you truly give the Lord your heart as a believer.

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Tom Bolt
Tom Bolt
3 years ago

Interesting. What is the one thing God wants. The answer is simply given but then it becomes compounded with a pleathora of other wants so it seems as if there is not ONE thing God wants but a whole lot, our money, our time, our devotion, our good works and on and on and on it goes. Where does it stop. Is there really but one thing God wants. Maybe it is to not loose one soul, would the gaining of one soul be enough for God? I fear much is due to what man thinks God wants. Personally I do not have the strength to do all the “One thing” God wants. Is there an honest answer to the question?

Peggy Covert
Peggy Covert
5 years ago

Didn’t receive devotional yesterday or today. Truly love them. Also, I forward to two people. How can they subscribe to the devotional?