The positive feedback loop effect in prayer

Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here… (Matthew 17:4, KJV)

The phrase “positive feedback loop” is used to describe a process that amplifies itself after it is completed. This positive feedback loop effect operates powerfully in prayer and in our relationship with God in general.

Peter, James and John had a unique privilege of experiencing the presence of God on the mount of transfiguration. When the cloud of God’s presence overshadowed them, Peter said “it is good for us to be here”. He did not want to leave anymore. The same is true about prayer and engaging in God’s presence.

If you pray, you will want to pray more. The closer you get practically to God’s presence in fellowship, the closer you will want to get. On the contrary, if you stay away from the place of prayer, the desire for prayer begins to die down even more. If you spend a week without prayer, for example,  the hunger and desire for prayer start slowly dying down as more days go by. This is a dangerous place to find yourself in, where you have been practically away for so long that the hunger and desire you used to have begins to evaporate.

Set this positive loop of prayer to work for you, not against you. If you are reading this devotional and your prayer life is in the Intensive Care Unit(ICU), almost dead, I encourage you to muster that initial courage to get back to praying. Once you fellowship practically with the Father, that desire for more will begin to grow.


Is the positive feedback loop described above currently working for you or against you? Do you “feel nothing” in your heart anymore for prayer? Have you been “away” too long? Did you have a passion for prayer that got lost and you are now praying the Lord brings it back to you? 


Prayer begets prayer. Prayer will start the positive feedback loop by itself. If there is a moment in your life you need to pray for your walk with the Spirit and the Church at large, it is now. Let the flames of prayer burn. Remember, life will never let you have it easy, especially when it comes to prayer. 


Ask for a fresh outpouring of the spirit of prayer upon you. 

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