The number of Horns on a Unicorn

Interestingly, the number of horns on a unicorn are clearly  spelt out in it’s name unicorn which means “one horn” as shown in the image below. But is there any living or extinct creature called a unicorn? What is a unicorn in the first place?

The number of horns on a unicorn

What is  a unicorn?

In our English terminology today, the word “unicorn” refers to   a mythical or legendary animal resembling a horse with a single horn that protrudes from its forehead. The Greek word for it is μονόκερως (monokerōs) meaning  one(mono-) and  “horned” ( ceros).In Lartin, it is “unicornis”  from where we also get the  the idea of a single horn, typical of this mythical creature.

Did unicorns really exist?

Unicorns are not real creatures. They are mythical, legendary animals. However, the King James Version of the Bible refers to unicorns! Did unicorns exist in Bible days? 

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