Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples

After these things Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias; and on this wise shewed he himself (John 21:1 KJV)

Jesus showed Himself to the disciples after His resurrection. While He was alive, He could be seen just as any other human being. When He died and rose from the grace, He only appeared to chose He chose to see Him. There had been a shift.

Seeing the resurrected Christ is a life transforming experience. No human being in recorded history has ever seen the living Christ in some special appearance and remained the same. We continue to hear of testimonies of visions of Christ especially in the muslim world which produce immediate and dramatic changes in the lives of these individuals.

If seeing Jesus is such a life-transforming experience, why does He not then allow all the unsaved to see Him? Wouldn’t that be the best evangelistic strategy? Or would that not be the best way to solve the faith crisis amongst believers and make them more grounded spiritually?

 There are many facets to these questions which cannot be put within a short devotional. I have teachings about visions and revelations of Christ which go into more details. The simple answer is this: our salvation is faith on faith. God wants the world to believe in Him by believing in His Word. Jesus still appears today and shows Himself to His people. He appears in His Word, in knowledge. You see Him as you know Him in the Word revealed by the Spirit.


Why does Jesus not appear physically to everyone of us to help us become stronger in our faith and trust in Him? 


May the Lord open your eyes to see wondrous things out of the Word ( Ps. 119:18). Yes, there are things in the Word for you to see! In fact, it is not just things. There is Someone in the Word to see, and that is Christ! He is appearing to you daily and you probably do not know how to see Him. I pray the eyes of your understanding be enlightened.


mPlease open  Ps 119:18 now and pray that prayer fo yourself now. 

Visions & Revelations of God.

This Teaching from Deshen Live Bible Study collection will be an eye opener! May the Lord open your spiritual eyes to see!

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