Protect Your Joy

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation (Isa. 12:3 KJV)

Protect your joy showing the word protect spelled out

Joy is a crucial virtue for the normal health and functioning of your spirit. This is beyond the idea of merely having a good disposition or outlook on life. Your spirit thrives in joy and is crushed by worldly sorrow and depression. If you want to experience the supernatural on a daily basis, a joyful spirit is a must.

The scripture above gives us an important clue regarding the place of joy in our daily victory in life. It says we would draw water out of the wells of salvation with joy. The wells of salvation are divine provisions brought to us in the salvation package and ministered by the Spirit of God. These include the anointing, healing, deliverance, provisions, protection, and every other blessing we have received in Christ. Those blessings are stored up in wells within your spirit. You will draw and drink from those wells in an atmosphere of joy. 

When life throws a hard rock on you, you need to draw from the wells of salvation within you to overcome the challenge. Joy is required for this process. However, many of us respond to life’s circumstances with anxieties, fears and worldly sadness which by themselves stifle our solution. We do this without realizing the spiritual impact but then continue crying out to God to help. If you want to drink of the wells of salvation from within you, you have to maintain your joy, and hold your peace( Exo. 14:14 )  otherwise you might end up fighting your battles alone.


What does a joyful heart do to the body? ( Prov. 17:22). Declare that “the joy of the Lord is my strength and I refuse to lose my joy to anyone or anything around you”.


Learn to maintain your joy. It is not a matter of trying to be happy in life. Your joy is a rope that draws from the supernatural wells within you. If you want to have supernatural results, live in supernatural joy always.


Praise the Lord right now and rejoice in His ever-present help in time of trouble. 

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