The Fire of the Holy Spirit

And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them (Acts 2:3, KJV)

The fire of the Holy Spirit sets ablaze a soul for God. It charges up a church and can turn an entire city upside down, as it was said of Paul. When the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples on Pentecost, visible cloven tongues as of fire was seen upon each of them. First is one of the emblems of the Holy Spirit in scripture, alongside oil, water, wind, and others. What is this Holy Spirit fire?

There are two significant practical implications of this figure of fire to describe the activity of the Spirit. The first is that of purification. Fire was used in the Old Testament times to purify gold. This purification starts with the heavenly washing of the believer at the new birth. God gave each of us the bath of a lifetime, cleansing us inside to make us holy just like Him. Secondly, it represents the ongoing purification or sanctification of the believer as the Spirit transforms our character.

The second practical application of this fire has to do with light. Fire is what produces light. For us to shine, we must burn! The fire of the Holy Ghost represents that state of fervency, zeal, yielding, passion, etc.,  produced by the Holy Spirit that leads a believer to shine—producing a passionate love for God, love for others, bearing the fruit of the Spirit, creating results through the gifts of the Spirit, etc. Oh, how we need believers on fire! It is every pastor’s dream. Above all, it is the Father’s desire. May the Lord cause  His fire to consume your life!


I want you to pause and think of the practical implications of fire briefly discussed above. Declare that “I am burning with the fire of the Holy Ghost every single day!”


The Lord wants you to be on fire. You cannot shine without burning. Kindle the fire of the Spirit in your life. The Christian life without fire will bore you to death! 


Ask the Spirit to kindle a fresh fire in your life as you seek Him in the Word and prayer.

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