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The Day God Took His First Breath as a Man

And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS (Matt.1:25 KJV)

The Incarnation of Christ is undoubtedly the most outstanding of all events that have taken place on the earth, and forever shall be. God had anointed prophets before and filled them with His Spirit. Jesus was not just a Man filled with the Spirit of God. He was God as a Man. God became a Human Being, and will for all eternity be both the eternal One, and a Man. He took His first breath as a Man on Christmas Day.

I know many might not have realized this, but Christ’s birth was not the day of Incarnation. He became Human 9 months earlier, the day of His conception. His  Incarnation and   His birth are indeed closely correlated, but they are not the same events.

The LORD created man, and by His omniscience knew every single thing about the man. But He started experiencing what humanity goes through on the earth after He was born. He became vulnerable as every other human being, albeit under the watchful eyes of heaven. He did not shorten the number of days  His mother had to carry Him through pregnancy. His mother went through the three phases of labor and delivery as medical science has taught us today. He did not eliminate some stages because He is God. And finally, when He came out of His mother’s womb, and His lungs expanded with air from the environment, He also gave that first loud cry as every single one us.  God had become a Man and had taken His first breath. Humanity’s future had forever been altered. Our God has come to save us. Death trembled as it saw life as a human being! Hosana in the highest, joy to the world, good will towards men!


What is the relationship between the Incarnation and the birth of Christ?


God has come to us. He was born as a Man. He died for us and has brought eternal life to us. There is no reason for any human being to suffer eternal destruction. Instead, we should enjoy eternal life until it overflows!


Thank the Lord for coming to be as one of us so we can be saved from the bondage of sin and enjoy eternal fellowship with Him 

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