The basics of building a solid spiritual life

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken (Eccl. 4:12 KJV)

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You will find Christians everywhere always desiring to improve on their relationship with the Lord or grow in their spiritual lives. This is a good desire, except that very few do anything about it. It is good to desire a good thing, and it is better to do something about it and it is best to be diligent about it until you see the results you desire.

Solomon gives us a piece of advice above that I want to draw a lesson from. He says a threefold cord is not easily broken, referring to the fact that there is power in numbers. However, this truth can be applied to our spiritual lives. There is a threefold cord to build a strong spiritual life that the Lord has given to us. The individual cords are prayer, meditation on the Word and fellowship with other Christians.

Fellowship with the saints is in the context of the Body of Christ, that is, God using other Christians to sharpen you as He uses you to sharpen them. This is part of the fellowship of the saints in Church.  God uses this three threefold cord to build us spiritually. I often say this, that there are no spiritual shortcuts when it comes to building intimacy with the Lord. There is a price to pay, and that is prayer, meditation and fellowship with the believers.


Do you think the three parts of this cord are options we can choose from or are interchangeable? That is, can you choose to pray more rather than feed on the Word or just attend Church services and never have a personal time of prayer? Hint: Answer is no!


Are you satisfied with where you are spiritually? If yes, keep doing what you are doing! If not, what are you going to do so that you move from desires to actions?


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you build a solid spiritual life this year.

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