Take No Thought

Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body  (Matt. 6:25 KJV)

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Jesus speaking above instructs us not to be anxious about the necessities of life. The KJV translators use the phrase “take no thought” to convey the command “do not be anxious or worried.”We learn a profound lesson about the way we function from the phrase “take no thought.”

In the past, I  often got very frustrated and guilty when some strange thoughts pop up into my mind. They could be anything, from thoughts of envy, impurity or even worry as noted above. When those thoughts entered my mind, I get distressed as I wonder how could I be thinking about such a thing. I had not yet learned that I  could not entirely control what attempts to enter my mind at all times, especially when my mind had not yet been strengthened and renewed by the Word. For some unclear reasons, thoughts you do not want might pop up into your mind. What becomes of those thoughts will be dependent on your response.

Jesus says “take no thought.” A thought might enter your mind, but you can choose to either dwell on it and therefore establish it or reject it right away. As you think and ponder upon the thought, you give it a place in your heart. The mind is a powerful but tricky mystery inside of us. When strange ideas, or feelings of anxiety, fear, impurity, envy, jealousy, hatred, etc try to enter your mind, reject them right away and give them no place in your heart. Take no such thoughts.


You empower your mind by meditating on the Word. As you do so day after day, your mind becomes strengthened, and less and less of those ungodly thoughts will pop up and stay in your thoughts.


What thoughts are you taking today? What is dwelling in your mind? If you do not want a thought, reject it immediately by focusing on whatever is godly—the Word( Phil. 4:8).


Ask the Spirit to help you strengthen your mind to guard your heart against ungodly thoughts that are intruding into it.

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