Speak to the mountain in your life

“Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it shall be granted him. (Mk. 11:23 NAS)

Learn to speak to your mountain. One of the most godly traits we should cultivate is learning how to talk with authority and power. Our God is a speaking God. We will hardly effectively walk in spiritual power and authority without a full understanding of the power of words.

The scripture above tells us that if we speak to a mountain in faith, without a doubt in our hearts, we will get the results we are looking for. It is our responsibility to bring our hearts to the point of speaking in faith. In case you are still wondering “how on earth” things can change by just speaking to them, remember that God created the world, not by molding with His hands, but by speaking. He does not only create by speaking but He rules the universe and  His enemies by speaking. Faith releases God’s power from within us and produces divine results. Speaking to the mountains in our lives is different from prayer. In prayer, you talk to God. When you speak to the mountain, you speak to the situation or circumstance that is before you.

It is vital you learn to speak under the anointing of the Spirit and in faith. God’s words in our mouth have creative power as well as authority over our enemies. Learn to talk.

MEDITATE-speak to the mountain

Do you truly believe in the power of speaking? Search your heart diligently. Do not mentally accept it because that is what “many preachers say”. Meditate on that verse above. Mutter it by speaking it to yourself under your breath! There you go-speaking God’s Word!


Ask the Lord to give you a deeper understanding of the power of speaking today.


Learn to talk! Words can be empty if spoken out of a heart of unbelief. In Genesis 1, God spoke in verse 3 after the Spirit hovered in verse 2. Faith and prayer activate the Spirit of God. Learn to declare God’s Word over your life especially after spending some time praying in the Spirit. When your emotions go wild during the day, talk to them. If you are under a tight corner today, find God’s Word addressing that situation and start speaking to it.

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